Bottom Solving in Two Easy Steps

1. Decide what you feel comfortable showing

Brazilian, Moderate and Full remain the standard descriptions for bottom cuts. Several companies offer styles slightly in between. Here’s a breakdown of what you can find:

Bottom Solving Post 05_09

Still not sure? A great point of reference is right in the middle, with Slim. What you end up showing is just enough cheek.

2. Decide what you’re comfortable wearing.

Bottom Solving - Women with Curves
Bottom Solving - Athletic and Slim Hipped Ladies

Women with Curves

  • Brazilian cut – these were made for you
  • Traditional string tie – easily adjusts for a perfect fit
  •  Wide side panels – flatter and sit snug against hips

Athletic and Slim Hipped Ladies

  • Keyhole/Split-side cutouts  – lay snug against hipline, no rolling
  • Hipster/Boyshorts – accentuates your silhouette
  • Brazilian – (what are you waiting for)

One last thing: Try not to determine whether or not the model wearing the bikini has curvy hips, or what is the size of her bustline. There is a whole lot of posing going on and much of it is exagerated to better show the fabric’s movement. Read the descriptions for the bikini with your own measurements in mind.

See Part One of this post: Choosing the Best Top – Don’t let the Bikini Wear You

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