Don’t Let the Bikini Wear You

In fashion there is a saying, “Wear the dress.” The same applies to “the bikini,” and with more skin exposed the goal remains the same: how can you enhance your assets without drawing individual attention to each one?

Today the option to buy a different sized bikini top or bottom are fairly expected and offered. Mix and Match can add variety and value to your closet with a range of choices in style, print, solid color and even reversible. With all these possibilities in creating just the right bikini how can we can still get it wrong?

A few details to keep in mind when selecting a bikini top:

Less is More:

A bigger bust-line means you ladies already have “more” all on your own. A top with less material, while exposing a bit more skin, allows the shape of your entire body to come into focus.


  • Sliding triangle tops adjusts easily for a personal fit.
  • Look for bandeaus with center knot or twist detail.
  • Bralettes and Bustier tops provide maximum support with underwire and adjustable straps.

Style over Size:

A smaller bust-line means a lot of choices, sometimes too many and this can get overwhelming for you ladies. Certain styles help to accentuate your form, allowing the shape of your entire body come into focus.


  • Broad shoulders–bandeaus.
  • Athletic and fit–ruche and crop tops.
  • Slim neckline and toned back–high-neck halters.

All these styles are made to accentuate your form, allowing the shape of your entire body come into focus.


Look for Part Two of this post next week: Bottoms

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