Sapphire Dream Weekend Ready

We’ve put together a Sapphire Dream Weekend Ready look to make your packing easy.

Indah’s sweet and sexy Dream dress in beautiful sapphire blue. Flirty babydoll silhouette. Plunging V neckline as well as at the back and sides. Spaghetti straps have adjustable sliders.

PilyQ Atlantis Sequined Gidget Top is truly one of a kind. Fixed triangles with removable soft cups. Sequin panels across triangles are subtle, creating a water-like effect. Shoulder straps crisscross at the back.

Atlantis Basic Ruched Bottom has a low-rise fit. Not only smooth edges but also a soft, pull-on fit. Endless mix and match possibilities. Wear together with your favorite traditional bikini tops, high-neck halters and even rashguards.

Sapphire Dream Weekend Ready Look Rio Bum Blog Post

About Indah:

Powerhouse in the fashion world. Most notably in Sports Illustrated Magazine’s yearly swimsuit edition. One concept in particular fuels a daily aspiration: become a designer’s Dream Factory.

Known for not only their daring, sexy bikinis and bodysuits but also their luxurious Ready-to-Wear collections. Also, all pieces are handcrafted with special attention to detail. In the same fashion, their active/yoga line Body is not only bold in style but also remains true to their commitment to comfort. Festival Season became a natural addition with its colorful, flirty, boho-chic style.

For this reason their own eco – friendly Batik factory provides a new standard on the Island of Bali. In addition is their continued commitment to giving back to community. As a result, each collection connects to a specific charity through one of its beautiful handmade prints. High quality fabrics are super soft as well as durable.

From their bio:

Some days it is a sacred space and others it is a dance floor. Beautiful pieces for beautiful souls; this is  Indah.

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