Roxy Rose Heron Pant Set by Indah

Luxury resort wear Roxy Rose Heron Pant set by Indah.

Roxy Flounce Top has an off-shoulder design. Unique drawstring closure at the neckline allows you to customize the fit. Long ties at back have tassels that swing with your every step. Also, elastic smocked bodice makes this top extremely comfortable. 100 % rayon makes fabric lightweight as well as cool against your skin.

Wear together with Heron Pant with its high-waist fit and billowing leg design is absolute comfort. Matching drawstring closure with tassel ends. Elastic ankles create a harem-style look.

Definitely one of our favorite looks in Indah’s 2017 Collection.

Roxy Rose Heron Pant Set by Indah

About Indah:

Powerhouse in the fashion world. Most notably in Sports Illustrated Magazine’s yearly swimsuit edition. One concept in particular fuels daily aspiration: become a designer’s Dream Factory.

Known for their daring, sexy bikinis and bodysuits, their luxurious Ready-to-Wear collections are just as famous. All pieces are handcrafted with special attention to detail. Similarly, their active/yoga line Body is not only bold in style but also remains true to their commitment to comfort. Also, festival Season became a natural addition with its colorful, flirty, boho-chic style.

Moreover in-house construction with upmost respect toward their employees includes fair pay for their each person’s effort. This determination demonstrates a platform for change.

For this reason their own eco – friendly Batik factory provides a new standard on the Island of Bali. A second major goal for Indah — commitment to giving back to community. As a result, each collection connects to a specific charity through one of its beautiful handmade prints. High quality fabrics are super soft as well as durable.

From their bio:

Some days it is a sacred space and others it is a dance floor. Beautiful pieces for beautiful souls; this is  Indah.”

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