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Summer Breeze Tie Bracelet

Be practical with style!

Sweet feminine mix of color and hardware accent. Aqua, purples and pastel yellow mixed with both silver and gold. Stack elastic bands and wear as bracelets, take off as needed to tie back your hair.

8 elastic bands feature:

  • 1 Sliding silver bead with engraved heart
  • 1 Brass studded leatherette
  • 1 Silver scripted ‘love’ charm
  • 1 Silver sand crab dangle charm
  • 1 Sliding multiple gold loop
  • 1 Sliding silver bar accent
  • 2 Single bands

Each elastic band features a sliding signature by Lilla charm bead.

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Summer Breeze Tie Bracelet

Summer Breeze Tie Bracelet Pack features a sweet feminine mix of color and hardware accent.

Tones of aqua, purple and pastel yellow. Silver and gold mix. 8 elastic bands include sliding silver bead charm with engraved heart. Brass¬†studded leatherette as well as silver crab dangle charm. Sliding multiple gold loops, sliding silver bar accent with a silver script ‘love’ charm.

Also available By Lilla: Sailing, Heartbreaker and Hey Mister Tamborine Man combinations packs.


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