Melodious Collage Mix and Match

Melodious Collage Mix and Match with Bohemian Flare bikini. Two gorgeous bikinis from Maaji.

Melodious Collage Sporty Top fixed triangle style has removable soft cups — a new feature from Maaji. Banded bustline as well as multi straps crisscross at back provide ultimate comfort and a pull-on fit.

Bohemian Flare Flutter Top has an off-shoulder silhouette. All-around ruffle is the perfect backdrop for this gorgeous floral print.

Melodious Collage Bottom features Maaji’s signature mix print design. Also, vibrant color on both bikini tops. Solid colorblock panels at the back makes this style one of our favorites.

Moreover, both tops easily transition from beach to street. Pull on a distressed sweater over Melodious Collage Sporty Top. Have a favorite pair of denim shorts? Wear it together with Melodious Flutter Top!

Melodious Collage with Bohemian Flare Mix and Match
Melodious Collage with Bohemian Flare Mix and Match-2

About Maaji:

Colombian beachwear founded in  2016. Sisters Manuela and Amalia Sierra wanted to pursue their collective dream of creating a brand that combines unique and enchanting design with world consciousness. This blend of appreciation for both fashion and nature began a movement in swimwear. A magical surreal story as well as a careful and creative process fuels the inspiration behind each collection. Maaji swimsuits offer two looks in one as each garment is completely reversible. Not only attention to detail but also cutting-edge silhouettes and color define the brands’s philosophy. 

Earth Warriors is a program developed to encourage others in finding different ways each of us can give back to our planet. Moreover, to become an agent on change with every action we take day and night. They not only offer a platform to share ideas but also encourage feedback. See these very simple tips as well as offer your own, simply use #EarthWarriors and @maajiswimwear on Instagram.  

Maaji’s overall signature prints speak to each exclusive theme developed in-house. Their family’s entrepreneurship inspires their commitment to contribute to the social development of their country. Belief in growth and being able to give opportunities to talented professionals remain in Colombia. 

From their Bio:

“Innovation is the hub of this whimsical world full eclecticism and attitude.”

Since the company’s formation, their presence has expanded to more than 50 countries.

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