Meeting the Girls from Ipanema

Trips to Rio visiting my family were never complete without a day spent shopping for bikinis. One of my favorite boutiques continues to be Garota de Ipanema. Located two blocks from the beach on Rua Vinicius de Moraes 53, next to the bar of the same name. They are a perfect example of the Brazilian Bikini Shop, in its traditional sense: offering a a few distinct styles of bikinis, in which several different patterns, colors, or prints can be chosen. In this way, there is the practicality of buying two bikinis, with the option of mixing and matching the tops and bottoms to have four looks. If you’re looking for a more distinct, one of a kind bikini, you can find it here, too. The quality of fabric and the construction of the bikinis are what you hope for: classic style, beauty, and durable.

When it came to contacting the Brazilian companies, I was pleasantly surprised that Garota de Ipanema was the first shop to respond. I want to thank Joana and Ana for being so attentive and patient with me, as a new business owner/first-time buyer. It was such a pleasure to visit the shop again this year. Best wishes to you both!

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