Grapefruit Hapa Sasa Kylie Mix and Match

Indah’s gorgeous Grapefruit Hapa Sasa Kylie Mix and Match Bikinis in a new vibrant color that truly accentuates any skin tone.

Hapa Lace Up Top has long spaghetti straps that crisscross at the back for complete adjustability. Long adjustable ties with tassels swing with every step. In the same fashion, strings crisscross in the front for a sexy peek of cleavage.

Wear together with Sasa Side Lace Bottom. Low-rise hipster fit with matching crisscross straps over hips.

Mix and Match Hapa Top with Kylie Side Lace Bottom. Keyhole cutouts around waistline and drawstring closure. Long string ties have tassel ends. Also, matching side lace detail over hips.

Whether you’re laying out on the beach or bodysurfing the waves — this mix and match bikini provides two distinctive, sexy looks.

Grapefruit Hapa Sasa Kylie Mix and Match Bikini

About Indah:

Powerhouse in the fashion world. Most notably in Sports Illustrated Magazine’s yearly swimsuit edition. One concept in particular fuels a daily aspiration: become a designer’s Dream Factory.

Known not only for their daring, sexy bikinis and bodysuits but also their luxurious Ready-to-Wear collections. All pieces are handcrafted with special attention to detail. Their active/yoga line Body is not only bold in style but also remains true to their commitment to comfort. Festival Season became a natural addition with its colorful, flirty, boho-chic style.

For this reason their own eco – friendly Batik factory provides a new standard on the Island of Bali. A second major goal for Indah — commitment to giving back to community. As a result, each collection connects to a specific charity through one of its beautiful handmade prints.

From their bio:

Some days it is a sacred space and others it is a dance floor. Beautiful pieces for beautiful souls; this is  Indah.”

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